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How to Plan the Perfect Winter Holiday?

Holiday Planning Tips and Ideas for Christmas and New Year, 2016

There can be a lot of stress and hassle involved with winter holiday travel. This is especially true for people who put off planning their holiday till the eleventh hour. With everyone planning their vacation, be prepared for unexpected delays and challenges.

If you are planning to travel by air or car, then you will see longer delays than you’d encounter in summer. Bad weather can also lead to missed and canceled flights. Roadways can also be blocked owing to poor weather conditions in some regions.

Don’t let this pull you down though. If anything, you need to rise to the occasion and plan your holiday with your family or friends well ahead of time. Here are some tips on planning the best Christmas holidays with your loved ones:

Driving Tips: Plan Easier Trips on Safer Roads

If you’re planning a road trip, then you need to make some important considerations to ensure a safe and comfortable drive. These tips will take all the anxiety out of your next trip:

Examine Your Auto before Leaving

This is an important tip for winter driving. Inspect the roads you will be traveling on and make sure your vehicle has the right tires to support the road and weather conditions. Summer tires may not be suitable for snowy conditions. Also, make sure that your auto’s engine oil and filters are clean and in working order. An extra battery will help, so will an extra pair fog lights.

Make a Checklist

A checklist keeps things organized during the travel. Make sure that you have all the important things you will need for the trip. Carry first aid equipment. Also, confirm that your automobile has functional spare tire and complete tool kit.

Don’t worry if there’s a Change in Course or Plan

Be prepared for any last minute changes throughout the trip. You may have to accommodate an extra friend that you weren’t expecting. Weather conditions may require you to take an alternate route, which could be longer. When you’re on the move, stay focused at all times. Look out for any traffic signs. Be especially careful if you’re heading on the roads at nighttime. Keep checking weather updates on your phone or radio.

Take Adequate Rest during the Road Trip

It doesn’t matter if you have extra hands to share the burden of driving with you. It’s still important to have frequent stops. Use this time just to stretch your arms and legs. It is also important to keep yourself hydrated during the trip. Make sure you have everything you need before stepping back on the road again.

Air Travel Tips for Winter Holidays

Relax! Air travel doesn’t always lead to a disaster, that’s a myth. In fact, air travel is one of the safest means of transportation worldwide. If you’re planning a long distance air trip to your favorite destination, then a frustrating experience is the last thing you need. Here are some simple air travel tips for a memorable trip.

Plan ahead of Time

This cannot be stressed enough. No matter what mode of travel you choose, it is imperative to plan things ahead of time. Make sure that your tickets and all other amenities have been confirmed. Don’t forget to keep your travel documents with you at all times. At the airport, you may have to present several documents at different checkpoints. It helps to keep these items separately from the rest of the luggage, so you don’t have to open your bag every time you are asked to present an ID, visa page or your boarding ticket.

Travel Light

Make sure not to carry excessive luggage. Every airline has its own weight allowance policy. You are not allowed to carry extra luggage in some cases. At times, you have to pay additional charges for the extra weight.

Arrive at the Airport at least 2 hours prior to Your Flight

You must complete all travel arrangements a day prior to your flight. Reach the airport in time. Roads and airports are busiest at these times of the year. Everybody is in a rush.

Stretch your Body during the Trip

Don’t forget to give your body a good stretch from time to time. You can consider standing in the isle for a couple of minutes, if need be. Before getting up, confirm that the seat belt sign on the panel above you has been switched off.

Indulge in Activities and On-flight Cuisine

Let this amazing Kindle Paperwhite eReader accompany you during the trip. Read your favorite e-book. If you want to give rest to your eyes, you can also listen to an audiobook of your choice. Indulge in on-flight cuisine, if it is included in your trip.

General Winter Holiday Trip Planning Tips

Avoid Booking on Peak Dates

Be more proactive and book early to grab the best rates on your travel bookings and deals. There can be a lot of frustrations involved with booking your holiday package on peak dates. The prices will be higher and your travel agent may run out of the most attractive packages and discounts. If you’re not certain about your travel dates, you should still consider booking early. In such cases, you can request the agent to present flexible travel options that allow you to change your travel dates.

Do Adequate Research

No matter which travel booking engine you use, it always helps to compare different plans and packages before finalizing your purchase. You should also read the reviews of the travel company you’re considering. Ask their rep to present the payment options clearly to avoid any hassle afterwards.

Get the Right Apps and Internet Plans You Need for your Travel

Find out the available plans in the place you’re visiting. You may have to access the Internet to check your mail. While Wi-Fi is now commonly available just about everywhere, it still helps to know about the connectivity options available at your travel destination. You may need apps for navigation, finding places, reading e-books and more. You can check useful apps here.

Plan Any Gifts You Need to Buy

If you’re visiting a friend or a relative to spend the winter holiday, you must look for the best gift to present to them. After all, it’s the season of giving, and you need to show the people you’re visiting how much they mean to you. It can be surprisingly difficult to choose the right gift, especially if you haven’t planned well for it.

We cover amazing gift ideas and reviews especially suited for occasions, such as Christmas holidays or New Year celebrations. Here are some hot and trendy gift ideas for you to consider this winter.

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Information about Pet Travel

If you’re planning to carry your pet with you, then these informative pet travel tips might help.