Wednesday, November 25, 2015

How to Add Money to Your Play Station Network PSN Wallet using PlayStation Gift Card from Amazon?


If you are new to the PlayStation Network, then you may not know much about this $20 PlayStation Store Gift Card on Amazon that can be used for making purchases from Sony’s PlayStation Store. It is a safe way of adding payment to your PSN. You can use these funds to purchase a game or movie.

PlayStation Network or PSN is a game shopping service powered by Sony Computer Entertainment. It supports the portable PlayStation Vita, PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 consoles. The term ‘wallet’ is used to refer to the funds in your Play Station Network. You can use the funds that are in your wallet to shop for movies and games on the PlayStation Store.

In addition to a prepaid gift card, there are other ways of adding money to your PlayStation Network account, such as credit card. To add funds to your PlayStation Network, you must access the PlayStation console menu.

Top up your PlayStation Network Wallet

Step 1

Power the PlayStation On. Wait for the PlayStation to load the menu with options, such as Video, Games and PlayStation Network. Before you can proceed to adding funds, you may be required to update your PlayStation software. The purpose of this update is to verify that you are using a licensed PlayStation user. From the main menu, scroll left and look for “System Update” icon. Click the icon to complete system update.

Step 2

Navigate through the main menu to “PSN” icon. This is a blue-colored icon with the four PlayStation symbols on it: square, triangle, circle and cross. Click this icon.

Step 3

In PSN, scroll vertically to “Account Management,” which is represented by a pencil pointing at a smiley emoticon. In “Account Management,” navigate to “Transaction Management.” Click “Add Funds.” You will get two options: “Credit Card” and “PSN Card.”

If you choose credit card, you will be required to share your credit details with PlayStation Network (PSN).

Video: Adding Money to Play Station Network using Credit Card

Add Money to your PSN Wallet using Promotional Code or Gift Card

A safer alternative is to use your PlayStation Store Gift Card for adding the funds, click “PSN Card” option instead. You can also use this option to redeem any email promotional codes. Select the amount of money you want to add to your PSN wallet. Agree to the terms of service. The funds will reflect in your wallet balance when they are successfully added to your PSN wallet.

PlayStation Network Gift Card Tips

A PSN account must have one master account. It can have several sub-accounts under the master account. Sub-accounts don’t have their own wallets and must rely on the master account for adding funds. A sub-account cannot exceed a monthly spending of $300.

Advanced PlayStation users can also check out this 3-month PlayStation Plus membership that gives you access to lots of useful features, discounts and free PS4 games.

Things You’ll Need

  • PlayStation Console
  • Credit/Debit Card
  • PlayStation Network Card
  • PlayStation controller