Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Informative and Helpful Pet Travel Tips for Winter 2015 Holidays

There is a growing trend of traveling with pets in the west. You’ll be surprised to find out that a number of pets-only airlines have become operational these days. Yet, travel has its toll on even the best of pets. Don’t be surprised if your pet doesn’t prove to be the best travel buddy.

You must keep this in mind if you choose to travel with your pet. There may be some untoward circumstances and your best defense against such a situation is to be prepared to handle it.

Here are some general pet travel tips that will come in handy if you’re planning to celebrate Christmas and New Year 2016 with your pet.

Are Pets Allowed?

This is the most important thing to look for. Find out if your travel destination welcomes pets. If so, confirm that your pet is listed among the permissible animals. Some destinations, such as Hawaii promote rabies-free environment. Pets can be left in quarantine for a period of 120 days. Some days and cats that meet screening criteria qualify for 5-day or lesser quarantine period. In some cases, the pets are released immediately after the inspection at the Honoluu International Airport.

Put an ID Tag

It is important to place an ID tag around the collar of your cat or dog. In the ID tag, note down important information, such as vaccination date, name of owner, phone number and address. Here are some useful pet ID tag ideas on Amazon.

Determine Your Budget

Traveling with pets isn’t the most cost-effective option. Determine your expenses using a travel budget calculator. Just to be on the safe side, carry some additional funds with you.

Train Your Pet

Your travel will be a lot more hassle-free if your pet is well-trained. Train him to respond to your calls. An obedient pet makes for one great travel companion.

Medical Checkup

Get a medical checkup of the pet to ensure that he is fit for travel. Also, find out if the pet needs any additional dietary or non-dietary care during the travel for optimal health. Have your vet’s phone number with you during the travel.

Carry a First-Aid Kit for Pets

A first aid kit for pets contains essential items, such as tweezers, gauze, ear drops and pet thermometer. Your vet will guide you about the complete list of things to carry with you.

Don’t Leave the Pet Unattended

Make sure that you don’t leave the pet unattended in the car. A car’s temperature can rise and drop dramatically; none is favorable for your pet. Also, if you’re traveling with your pet in an automobile, then don’t let the pet hang his head outside the window. You should also train the pet not to ride in the passenger seat as it can distract the driver.

Stay on a Lower Floor

It is easier to leave the building from the ground or first floor.

Pet Cleaning

It is important to keep your pet clean. Wipe mud and dirt off the pet’s fur before bringing her back to your lodging.