Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Female-Friendly Smartphone Selfie-Stick for Lady Geeks


This reinvented selfie stick from PlaanetGadget on Amazon takes your passion for photography to another level.

Many selfie-sticks relied on Bluetooth pairing and charging for capturing photos. This can be quite frustrating as the process isn't entirely seamless. You also need to charge the battery of the stick. It eliminates the need for pairing and charging the Bluetooth battery on the selfie stick.

PlaanetGadget selfie stick has a very attractive, reinvented design from the manufacturer. It is also clear that PlaanetGadget seeks to put more of these devices into the hands of females, as many of the color options are extremely female-friendly. It will be hard for selfie fans to say ‘No’ to this elegant edition of selfie stick.

It is a portable and lightweight selfie stick that is very easy to carry around. Its compact size allows it to fit just about any lady's handbag. The reinvented selfie stick is designed keeping convenience in mind. Capture your favorite moments seamlessly. It is the perfect solution for women to take selfies on the go.

The selfie-stick is made using premium material quality. It gets a luxurious finish and its surface is resistant to scratches and wear. A spring-loaded clamp works to seize and protect the device when attached to the selfie stick. The anti-slip and anti-scratch clamp renders a smooth camera management and shutter control features. The device is compatible with a variety of Apple iOS and Android devices, including iPhone 6, iPhone6s and Samsung Galaxy Note.