Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Best of the Kindles Gift Review: Paperwhite eReader 2015 gets Crispy Dimensions, Improved Reading Experience

Image credit: Amazon

This all-new Kindle Paperwhite 6” eReader was officially released some time back by Amazon.

Introduced as a midrange Kindle, the Paperwhite 2015 eReader offers the sharp features and characteristics of the high-end Kindle Voyage in a more affordable price range.

Amazon has introduced a line of Kindle devices. We recently reviewed the Kindle Fire for Kids edition, which is an indestructible eReader device ideal for children. It comes packed with loads of useful apps and educational games.

The Paperwhite eReader 2015 edition, on the other hand, is designed to offer a superior e-book reading experience to basic and advanced readers alike. While it doesn’t offer any other prominent changes in design, the improved screen resolution leads to an even more sensational book reading experience.

Image credit: Amazon

The 6” Kindle Paperwhite eReader is also an excellent choice for price-sensitive buyers who are unable to afford Kindle Voyage that lies somewhere in the $200 price range. Contrary to the Voyage, the Kindle Paperwhite can cost you anywhere between $99 and $129.

With the winter holidays coming up shortly, there are even greater reasons to invest in the Kindles that are best suited for you and your family. There will be exclusive deals and promotions, making it a great time of the year to invest in the things that really matter to you.

If you haven’t used the Kindle yet, then you are missing out on a lot of priceless resources that are exclusively available to Amazon users. You have access to millions of e-books in the Amazon stores. Your kids can also benefit tremendously from the Amazon Kindle Fire for Kids edition, which is a robust, child-friendly tablet that allows you to play games, engage in learning activities through apps and surf the Web safely.

Thinking of making a generous donation this Christmas? The Kindle Paperwhite may not be the most expensive of gifts, but the value it delivers in terms of access to the invaluable resources and libraries of e-books and other information, makes it one of the most meaningful gifts you could give to any deserving soul.

Brilliant Display

The Paperwhite eReader 2015 is upgraded to feature twice as many pixels on the same screen size, leading to very prominent improvement in display. Its 300 ppi high-resolution screen offers you an optimal reading experience for hours in a row.

Image credit: Amazon

More Book-like Features

The Kindle Paperwhite eReader offers one of the finest reading experiences by displaying fonts crafted from ground up on its digital screen. This leads to a reading experience similar to that of the paperback edition.

The Paperwhite 6” uses Bookerly, a typesetting engine that offers improved character display. It also extends support for hyphenation, kerning, ligatures, justification and drop cap support. These features will ensure that your eyes don’t get strained upon continuous use of the reading device.

The Kindle Reading Experience

What is this reading experience that we’re talking about here? If you’ve already used a previous Kindle device, you can skip this section. But we just thought it might help new users find out what are some of the things they will experience when they read their first e-book on any Kindle device.

Unlike other tablets, the Kindle Paperwhite is a lightweight tablet that fits comfortably in one hand. Its sharper screen allows you to devour more books in lesser time. You will be visited by sharp, dark text that reads just like any print edition.

It features a revised Page Flip that allows you to skim through the book for a glance without having to lose your place. It also features plenty of editing features. Make notes and share them with friends or colleagues using your favorite social media platform.

You may or may not agree but we really believe that these irresistible features take the Kindle slightly ahead of its foes, be it the print version of a book or another contemporary offering on the market. We know that the Nook from Barnes & Noble also garners decent following, but Amazon has a clear lead when it comes to books.

The eReader allows you to build your vocabulary. Look up any word instantly without leaving your page. The Time to Read feature determines the time it will take to finish a chapter based on your reading habits and speed. A single-click function allows you to translate text into many other languages.

It doesn’t just end here. With the Amazon Kindle eReader, you get access to more than a million titles in the $3 bracket. There is also the Kindle Unlimited option that allows you to read as much as you want for just $9.99 a month. There are more than a million books that you can choose from.

Design and Other Features

It is a 6-inch tablet that features E Ink Carta-inspired display technology and built-in light. The physical dimensions of the tablet are 6.7” x 4.6” x 0.36”. The Wi-Fi only option weighs 7.2 ounces, while the Wifi + 3G model is 7.6 ounces.

Image credit: Amazon

The Kindle Paperwhite has a matte plastic surface that is soft to touch. It renders a good grip of the device. It offers up to 4GB internal storage that is sufficient for housing thousands of books. It also offers free cloud storage for Amazon content.

The Kindle Paperwhite 6” has excellent battery life that can last for several weeks if used lightly. Actual battery life depends on factors, such as brightness of screen and wireless usage.


For a reading device this sensational, you really don’t need to think twice. If you haven’t tried an Amazon product before, you are missing out on a lot of priceless Amazon resources just waiting for you. Make the best out of the upcoming holidays with this one-of-its-kind eReader tablet.

For users who have already experienced the basic Kindle, this can be an excellent upgrade that will considerably enhance your reading experience. It also qualifies as an excellent holiday gift for any tech-lover.