Sunday, November 29, 2015

Black New Wii U for Geeks


The black new Wii U for geeks comes with a GamePad included in the box. You can play games on the tablet-style gamepad if your TV is in use.

One of the best tech gift for kids, your kids will absolutely love the choices of games that come with any Nintendo device. You can also enjoy your favorite TV show uninterrupted, thanks to the Gamepad that comes with the console.

While an extremely kid-friendly tech gift, the Wii U lacks a DVD or Blu-ray player found in other gaming consoles.

So there is a tradeoff you must make here. But if your primary need is a kid-friendly gaming device, then the Wii U is by far a superior option.

Wii U Tech Gift Bundles for Geek Kids

Here is some amazing Wii U tech gift bundles available at the moment. These Black Friday bundles will save you some money. You also save yourself from the hassle of choosing and buying a game separately.

Nintendo Land, Super Mario 3D World with 32 GB Wii U

Get unique powers and capabilities of each player. Enhanced graphics and new adventures lead to a terrific gaming experience.

New Super Luigi U, New Super Mario Bros U with 32 GB Wii U

Explore new adventures of Super Mario and Super Luigi.

Mario Kart 8 with 32 GB Wii U;

Mario Kart 8 promises hours of fun with friends or family. Challenge your kids to a race or just play in single player mode for some really amazing fun time. It features new characters, tracks and vehicles. You can take on the best Kart players from any part of the world.

It also comes with anti-gravity tracks that allow you to surf rooftops and walls.

The Wii U console is an excellent choice for playing multiplayer games in the same room. You get tons of names to choose from. If you have several kids, then the Wii U is one of the best options for some combined gaming adventure.

The Wii U is compatible with the former Wii's accessories. If you have owned Wii games, you can  still play them on the Wii U.

Overall, the Wii U is one of the most kid-friendly gaming consoles with a variety of games to choose from. It also comes with stellar HD quality graphics, leading to an excellent gaming experience.

Owing to the Black Friday bundle deals, you can grab one of your favorite games with the Nintendo Wii U, getting even greater value for your purchase. If you're a seasoned Nintendo fan, then you don't even need to think twice. But new gamers can also expect a sensational gaming experience with this new Wii U tech gift for kids.