Sunday, November 29, 2015

Noiseless Xbox Ear Force Stealth Headphone for Geeks


The Ear Force Stealth for Xbox is a fully wireless headphone set that allows you to play your favorite games in a noiseless environment.

Professional gamers are often annoyed by any noises that distract them from the game. In most modern games, winning is all about timing and precision, and distractions can adversely impact your gaming stats.

The Ear Force Stealth gives you the focus and comfort needed for a seamless gaming experience. It features smart channel-hop technology and delivers immaculate audio results.

With up to 15 hours rechargeable battery, you can continue playing your favorite games in a wireless environment all day long without worrying about battery drainage. Simply plug in the device for charging at night, and you should be good for the day.

If you literally start yelling when playing your favorite game on the Xbox, then lighten things up with the Ear Force Stealth, which plays your own voice to the hear, reminding you not to shout.

Separate volume knobs for chat and game audio gives you even greater control over the sound environment of your gaming station.