Sunday, November 29, 2015

New, Handheld Nintendo 3DS XL for Geeks


It's the new handheld 3DS XL gaming device from Nintendo. The gaming company has already impressed us with several irresistible offerings. It has dominated the gaming arena for several years. And even today, Nintendo enjoys a loyal following despite the presence of tough players, such as Sony and Microsoft.

Just four years after the release of the Nintendo 3DS, it gets a successor, the 3DS XL.

The 3DS XL gets new buttons and a secondary analog stick that is also built-in. It features improved facial tracking capability and faster processing speed.

Compared to previous models, the Nintendo 3DS XL gets some control-level changes. Two new buttons, ZL and ZR, find their places next to the shoulder L and R buttons. If you are switching from the former 3DS, you may find the positioning awkward. But in practice, the new buttons are absolutely easy to reach and use. They actually enhance the overall gaming experience.

You will also see a new analog stick, namely "c-stick." It is a small nub to the right and above Nintendo's signature A, B, X and Y buttons. The c-stick is another intelligent and thoughtful enhancement that improves the gaming experience on the 3DS XL compared to its predecessors.

The Nintendo 3DS XL opens doors to endless hours of fun-filled gaming moments. You will lose sense of time and space with this handheld device. The perfect gift for the winter holiday, you get access to some of the most exciting collection of games from Nintendo. Some popular games include the Zelda series, Smash Bros and Pokemon.

The 3D effects of the 3DS XL get some serious rethought and improvement. The camera gets new tracking features that allow it to sense the direction of your face and accordingly tilt the direction of 3D. You will certainly love the 3D features of this handheld console.

The overall build quality of the 3DS XL also gets some improvements. It feels more solid compared to the previous 3DS model.

Perhaps, the only thing that hasn't improved much is the battery. It desperately needs an improved battery to truly qualify as a portable gaming machine. While it gets some additional battery power that allows it to last up to 7 hours in some cases, there are still occasions when you are in need of even greater power backup.

Overall, the Nintendo 3DS XL is an excellent handheld gaming device with great improvements in design and 3D graphics that lead to a sensational gaming experience.

-- Rizwan Qadir ( Tech Blogger