Thursday, November 26, 2015

5 Impress with Tech Gift Ideas for Geeks

The right gifts can make a great impression. Geeks are obsessed with technology. That makes it easy to impress them with these irresistible tech gadgets. Here are cool and trendy technology gift ideas for the holiday season that are on the wishlist of every geek.

Smart Watches

Check out these cool smart watch gift ideas from Amazon. You may not know it, but now wearable tech, such as smart watches are available for different age brackets, serving the unique needs of different people. For instance, there are some very special smart watches for kids, such as the VTech Kidizoom Smart Watch.

Smart watches offer many useful applications. You can track fitness goals, make calls and send messages.

Adorable and Child-Friendly VTech Kidizoom Smart Watch


It is a cute, comfortable smartwatch for kids aged 4 to 9. Introduced in 2014, the smart watch from VTech has amassed a lot of positive reviews and ratings on Amazon.

It is a very useful learning tool for your kid. It is designed keeping a child’s basic learning needs in mind. Your child will find it easy to use and interact with the device. It will also give them a safe exposure to technology at an early age. They can also toy with features, such as camera and sound recorder for making movies, capturing photos or simply recording noises. The pre-installed apps for games are also helpful for your children.

It features a 1.41” color touchscreen with 640 x 480 resolution photo display.

The VTech Kidzoom smartwatch qualifies as an excellent purchase for geek kids. It is one of the best wearable tech concepts that encourage your child to think outside the box and interact with technology at an early age in life.


E-books are giving a tough fight to their printed counterparts. People find it more convenient to pack all their books in a lightweight eReader, such as Kindle Paperwhite eReader 6. In a few clicks, you can access millions of books from the Amazon store. A small monthly subscription fee entitles you to endless hours of book reading fun all month long.

Smart Glasses

Smart glasses offer endless possibilities, though the process of putting these devices to work still needs to be streamlined. You can take pictures, access the Web and make phone calls. Some smart glasses for geeks get a very appealing look too.

TV Sticks

We covered the elegant and reliable Amazon Fire Stick that takes your movie viewing experience to another level. It’s an economical device that is excellent for people who are fond of watching premium quality movies on Amazon Prime. You also get access to streaming apps, such as Hulu and Netflix.

Fitness Trackers

Wearable tech like fitness trackers are increasingly being used by health and fitness conscious geeks. In offices too, fitness trackers are used to gauge the overall health and wellbeing of employees.
-- Rizwan Qadir ( Tech Blogger