Thursday, November 26, 2015

5 Adorable and Customizable Winter Holiday Gift Ideas

There is every reason to celebrate the winter holidays. Check out these 5 adorable and customizable holiday gift ideas. Reach out to the people you care for and show them how much they mean to you with these budget-friendly gift ideas. With the option to customize each gift, you can add a personal touch to your presents, making your loved ones feel even more special.

Customizable Controller for Xbox


This personalized Xbox controller gift will melt the heart of any Xbox fan. Choose from many different shells. You can also add your own gamer tag on this controller. It is an ideal gift for kids who love gaming on Xbox.

Gamers can make a strong statement with personalized controllers in any local gaming competitions. 

Personalized Long-Sleeve Christmas-themed Shirt for Girls

This adorable xmas-themed dress will impress your daughter and bring out her inner beauty. Surprise your loved one by having her name or preferred nickname written on the dress. You can select from a variety of color options and sizes.

Customized Miles Kimball Learning Blocks for Kids


If you have kids between the ages of 3 and 5 years, then you should consider getting them the Miles Kimball learning blocks. Customize the block box with your child’s name on it. It features solid blocks made of real wood. The cubical blocks have shapes, numbers and alphabets on them. Play with your kids and take them through the fascinating journey of learning.

Personalized Toddler Chair from Miles Kimball


Here is another delightful holiday gift idea for children. Print your toddler’s name on this personalized Kimball Miles wood chair. It has a firm build and is safe for toddler use. The chair is made using solid wood.

Promote learning in kids. Read books to them. Teach them to sit and perform simple tasks, such as drawing, playing a game or watching a video.

Attractive, Personalized Stainless Steel Dog Tag Pendant for Dog Lovers

If your friend is a dog-lover, then this personalized dog tag pendant qualifies as an attractive gift. The laser-engraved, stainless steel tag is best suited for people who are planning to take their pets for the winter holidays with them.

Keep your protect safe at all times. If you lose your pet at any time, this dog tag can actually save his life.

Don't forget to customize the git with key information, such as your name, phone number or address.

Personalized Cufflink Case with Premium Quality Cufflinks for Men

This personalized case for cufflinks comes with a pair of premium quality cufflinks. The case can be customized with your friend's name on it.

The cufflinks have patterns of 12 squares split in lighter and darked shades of blue. These cufflinks will appear most prominent on white and light-blue shirts.

An excellent choice for students and office-going men, especially if you have to give an important presentation.

Save these for the special day. An excellent gift for the young and smart!