Friday, November 27, 2015

Top 5 Pens for Geeks

We all know how technology is shaping the world. With devices, such as e-Readers striving to reduce the need for a real pen and paper, there are still a number of occasions where you just cannot do without them. You may have to sign important bank documents or business proposals. Even though, most offices strive to maintain a paperless environment, carrying a quality pen with you is still very essential to our lives.

This is even truer for passionate geeks who believe in sharing their creativity with the rest of the world. You may have to sign important letters. You could also be sharing a proposal for your next entrepreneurial idea. Or you could be looking to carry a neat, premium quality pen with you to a meet or job interview. You may have to make a small illustration on a piece of paper just to explain your point of view.

No matter why you are looking for a quality pen, the good news is that we have covered the 5 top recommended pens for geeks.

Black and Silver, Personalized Parker Ballpoint Pen for Geeks


If it's a pens' list, then Parker has to be in there somewhere. This personalized silver and black Parker gift can be hard to resist.

Available in black and silver, you can buy this pen from Parker without giving it a second thought.

It qualifies as an excellent winter holiday gift. You can personalize it with your best friend's name.

It presents the available fonts in which you can customize your message on the pen. If you don't select the font of message before checkout, the message will be created in the most popular font. You receive an email from the seller inquiring about the message that you want to add to the pen.

It is an elegant, excellent quality pen that is a trademark of Parker. The option of customizing the pen for free comes as an added plus. It also comes with an iconic case from Parker.

I think it qualifies as an excellent gift for someone who is fond of making notes. You can also gift it to a student.

Gold-plated, Black Waterman Fountain Pen for Geeks



If you're fond of fountain pens, then you need to check out this medium nib fountain pen from Waterman.

Take your productivity to new heights with this Waterman black fountain pen. If you're one of the many geeks who still need a pen and a paper for mustering inspiration and creativity, then this black pen is meant for you.

This elegant pen from France will flow smoothly to the very last drop of ink in it. Coming from the Waterman family, which is known to have invested the first steady fountain pen back in the late 1800s, it still garners a decent and passionate following across the world.

Haven't tried a Waterman yet? Well, don't be concerned because you're covered under a hassle-free 3-year international warranty.

Personalized, Rosewood Pen and Pencil Set Gift for Geeks


If you're a creative geek or you know any, then this personalized, real wood pen and pencil set gift can be an inexpensive delight for the winter hoilday. Shipped in a very attractive, matching colored rose-wood case, this set will impress anyone who appreciates art.

Covered under 1 year mechanical warranty, you can ship this pen from Dayspring to your doorstep without any hassle.

The twist ballpoint pen comes in black writing ink and has a very smooth flow. A .mechanical 9mm pencil in matching wood casing is also included in the gift. Your personalized message appears on the case, pencil and pen. For the case, you can engrave 33 characters. The pen and pencil caps accommodate 25 characters each. There are two fonts to choose from.

This personalized gift pen and pencil set will look great on an office desk or a study desk. It truly is a wonderful gift for creative geeks.

Refillable, Solid Geneva Pens for Geeks


If you're looking for a set of smooth, flawless pens, then check out this robust rollerball pen from Geneva.

Available in 7 matching color options of pen and ink, your writing becomes more prominent, leading to a delightful writing experience. You can easily find a "Uni-ball 207" refill on Amazon if the pen runs out of ink.

It is a practical gift set that comes with signature gift box from Geneva that will impress any geek.

Economical and Classic Pilot Fountain Pen Gift for Geeks


This inexpensive, medium nib fountain pen from Pilot lets you make a strong statement without upsetting your budget.

Don't underestimate the practicality of this gift. It will give you hours of writing pleasure. That's the class and comfort that a Pilot pen offers.

Still not convinced? Why not try it for yourself? This elegant gift attracts hordes of positive customer reviews and is one of the popular pens on Amazon.

It is packed in an iconic gift case from Pilot with a see-through top.

And, here's a bonus gift idea:

Antique, Priceless Writing Quill Gift for Geeks

If you truly want to take things to the next level, here is another budget gift idea for creative people. This majestic writing quill gift gives new heights to your creativity and imagination.

Bring out the artist in you and preserve your best pieces of work.

This will be a fantastic addition to any office desk. You can also place this set in your study room, where you give birth to new ideas and fantasies.

An excellent choice for the writing geek, especially if history and art delights them.

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