Friday, November 27, 2015

Reinvented, Exotic Samsung Gear S2 Smartwatch Gift for Geeks


This all-new, exotic smartwatch Gear S2 from Samsung will impress any geek. It gets an improved battery life than most other smartwatch of the same class and price range.

We reviewed the Gear 2 smartwatch from Samsung that only comes with support for select Samsung smartphones and tablets. The Gear S2, on the other hand, is compatible with most Android devices.

Other improvements in this wearable tech include health tracking and an amazing display. Compared to the Android Wear, you will get a fewer selection of apps.

The Gear S2 gets a reinvented, stunning design. It is a premium quality smartwatch that is very comfortable to wear.

It isn't the first round-shaped Android device on the market though. We have the Huawei Watch, Watch Urbane from LG and the Moto 360. However, Samsung has twisted its menu options to accommodate the rounded screen, making the best use of the available screen.

Samsung had long penetrated the smartwatch market before Apple or Google stepped in. This is evident from the premium class smartwatch that takes a clear lead in terms of its design, interface, menu options and user experience.

Compared to the Gear 2, Samsung Gear S2 reduces the number of built-in features and apps. It also presents them in a more user-friendly interface. On the OLED dispaly, you can access different features, such as calendar, music, weather, fitness and tracking heart beat.

You can customize the look and design of the watch in many different ways. You can also find custom watch faces online. Some watch faces for the Gear S2 come equipped with specialized features and tools, such as an innovative fitness display or live score update.

It takes some time getting used to this feature-filled smartwatch. Tap on incoming messages to respond to them. You can also respond to incoming messages. Other options include sending voice messages and recording audio notes.

The fitness sensors have considerably improved in the Gear S2. You can use it to determine the calories burned, steps taken and floors climbed. Compared to other fitness trackers, it reports data with greater accuracy. You can set the watch to monitor heart rate continuously, but that will drain your battery sooner.

Coming from the world's leading manufacturer, it isn't surprising to note that the Gear S2 smartwatch is one of the most advanced wearable tech on the market.