Monday, November 23, 2015

Intuitive and Captivating 3D Gift Ideas for Geeks

You will hear more about 3D printing gift ideas like the one above in the winter holidays ahead. 3D technology is now easily accessible at homes and in offices. Projects, such as DIY 3D Penscan be used by anyone with creative skills. There is also a commercial value of the finished products, and many artists and designers sell their inventions conveniently through online retailers, such as Amazon.

Speaking of the online retail giant, Amazon just launched an all-new storefront to showcase 3D print design files and finished products. You can also look for 3D hardware, such as scanners, printers and refills.

In the coming years, this emerging technology will only become more valid and valuable to our lives. But how about staying one step ahead of the game and surprising your best friends with an amazing 3D gift? Make a strong statement that highlights your passion for all things tech.

3D Gift Ideas for Geeks

You could consider planning a creative project with your kids using 3D pens. If your friend is obsessed with technology, you could gift him an e-book on the subject. 3D cover art, such as this Street Fighter posteris another attractive gift idea that can make a powerful statement.

Custom 3D Gifts for Techies

If your friend truly means a lot to you, then it makes sense to invest in a ‘create your own’ style of 3D gift. Many 3D projects on Amazon allow you to customize your gift to meet your unique needs. Using this option, you can add a personal touch to the final product, enhancing its appeal.