Monday, November 30, 2015

How to Make Your Android Smartphone Battery Last Longer?

It can be very frustrating to have a smartphone with a dead battery. If you're traveling somewhere, you could lose important phone contacts or addresses. You could also be using an app, such as Google Maps for getting directions to a particular location. If your phone battery dies, it will be more difficult to find your way. You will have to stop and get directions from people several times.

If you notice the battery on your Android phone running low, then here are some simple ways of preserving the power left in your phone.

Dim the phone by reducing its brightness

One of the first things you can do to enhance your battery life is to dim the screen. On many Android phones, you have the ability to swipe the top screen down to access the quick setting menu. If you see the brightness slider in the quick settings menu, use it to reduce the screen brightness. If you don't find the option to reduce screen brightness, tap "Settings." This will take you to the main settings. Go to "Display" and look for option to adjust brightness in this sub-menu. Reduce the slider to diminish the screen.

Close apps that are sucking most power

From your Settings menu, go to Battery. Your phone will display a list of apps that are draining your battery in descending order. Shut down any apps that you don't need.

Use a static, light background

If you have enabled a dynamic background, switch to a static one to reduce your smartphone's power consumption.

Turn on Power Saver Mode

Some Android smartphones have a Power Saver mode that automatically adjusts different phone settings for minimal battery usage.

Consider using Airplane Mode

If you're really looking for additional power saving, you can consider turning on Airplane mode, which will only give you limited access to your phone. You won't be able to access your phone network, but you will still be able to access data on your phone. You can still access the Internet but you will need a Wi-Fi device for connecting your phone to the Web.

Get a Power Backup Solution

If all else fails, there are a number of power backup solutions available for you. If your phone drains battery very quickly or if you are a heavy phone user, then it makes sense to invest in one of these solutions.

Invest in a Compatible Powerbank

You will find a variety of powerbanks that are compatible with Android phones. Get a reliable powerbank that gives you the backup you seek. It helps to read the reviews of the product before making the purchase. Check out some popular powerbank options on Amazon that are compatible with Android phone sets.

Extended Battery Phone Case

Alpatronix - compatible with Samsung Galaxy 6S

Specialized Android smartphones come with an extended battery case for your phone. Alpatronix and Hyperion EA are top-rated Amazon suppliers of enhanced battery cases for different Android smartphones. Rechargeable battery phone cases have an appealing look and are quite affordable. Make sure that you get an option that is compatible with your phone.

-- Rizwan Qadir ( Tech Blogger