Tuesday, November 24, 2015

eBook Gift: Geek Dad - Share Your Passion for Tech with Your Kids

Never run out of ideas for geeky projects any more. Geek Dad is an ebook compilation of some of the most amazing geeky activities and projects for geek dads and their kids.

Authored by Ken Denmead, the eBook fetches very decent ratings and reviews. It comes at an affordable price and is the perfect holiday gift for geeks with kids.

Arm yourself with a plethora of ways to have geek-style fun with your children. If you want to share your love for technology, then get the Geek Dad e-book.

The joint activities with your kids will help you get closer to them. These projects promote learning in children. The e-book offers loads of ideas for creative activities, such as making a functional lamp using Lego bricks, creating a board game and making cuff links using Ethernet cables.

Geek Dad is one useful read recommended for new and seasoned e-book readers alike.